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The members of the Auditory Neuroscience Lab

Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory Projects


Principal Investigator: Nina Kraus, Ph.D.

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Lab Phone: 847-491-2457

Frances Searle Building Rm 2-233


The Auditory Neuroscience Lab studies how the brain’s ability to change can be harnessed to improve human communication.

Nina Kraus

NSF: Finding Your Science - 2010
Music and the Brain

Kraus Lab Logo

Neural response to complex sounds: Our approach

Nina Kraus

McKnight Brain Institute Lecture - 2013
Music, the Brain and Aging

Nina Kraus

Music, Science & Medicine at the New York Academy of Sciences - 2011

Nina Kraus at AudiologyNOW 2014

Marion Downs Lecture - 2014
Biological Assessment in Audiology:
Auditory Processing and Hearing in Noise




Research in the Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory is supported by:
National Institutes of Health National Science Foundation GRAMMY Foundation National Association of Music Merchants Knowles Hearing Center Northwestern University