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Biotots: Pre-School Language Development

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Scientific American

Scientific American, September 23, 2014
I Got Rhythm, I Got Reading


NPR, July 21, 2015
The Test That Can Look Into A Child's (Reading) Future


We are inviting participants to come play listening games, learning games, and do brain testing while watching movies! In this longitudinal study, we will be tracking children as they learn to read by testing them once a year. Ultimately, we are interested in relating brain activity to how children learn to read and hear in challenging listening environments like noisy classrooms.

Prerequisites for participation:

  • Children ages 3 and 4 who are excited to play listening and learning games
  • Children who are willing to participate in research that tests how the brain responds to sounds while watching their favorite movies
  • Children who would like to participate in science to earn $10/hour!
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